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Apple updates Shortcuts with actions for weather, alarms, and timers

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Image: Apple

Apple just updated its Shortcuts app, adding a weather integration, new measurement conversions, and better iCloud sharing, among other features. Now, Shortcuts lets you check upcoming weather forecasts with the “Get Current Weather” and “Get Weather Forecast” actions that are available for you to add to any custom shortcut.

You can also create an alarm, toggle an alarm, and start a timer. Previously, the app had some shortcuts that you could try to use as timers (like the Laundry Timer Shortcut, which was effectively a countdown clock). But now, you can make your own straightforward shortcuts with a direct timer. You can also measure and convert measurements, such as inches to centimeters, more conveniently. There’s a “Get Last Import” action you can add to shortcuts that quickly pulls in the most recently imported photos.

With Shortcuts 2.1, you can also run a shortcut from HomePod by saying “Hey Siri, run [insert name] shortcut,” and it will automatically play media through AirPlay. Although Shortcuts is made by Apple, you’ll need to update it through the App Store, and it’s not a part of the new iOS 12.1 software update.