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Cult RPG Undertale gets a surprise spinoff for Halloween

Cult RPG Undertale gets a surprise spinoff for Halloween


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It’s been a few years since the release of Undertale, an endearing role-playing game that made waves online for its charming writing and the option to defeat enemies by talking to them. Today, creator Toby Fox has released a free follow-up on Undertale named Deltarune — a name that many are noting is an anagram of Undertale.

The premise of Deltarune is shrouded in mystery, but that seems intentional. The landing page for the game warns users that they are about to embark on something ominous, and similarly, the actual game talks about pain a lot near the start. While actual characters from Undertale immediately make an appearance, it seems that the whole thing has intentionally been released to celebrate Halloween.

After its release, Undertale was infamous for inspiring an intense fandom of players who loved the game so much, they inundated the web with related material, if not harassed players for ever attacking monsters in-game.

You can download Deltarune for both Windows and Mac here.