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Spotify returns to Roku devices starting today

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It’s been missing since last December

Spotify is returning to Roku’s streaming players and Roku TVs beginning today after a fairly long absence from the platform. Devices running Roku OS 9 (which has also just started rolling out) and TVs on OS 8.2 can head to the channel store and download the Spotify app. Aside from simply launching it from the home screen with a remote, the new Spotify for Roku app can also play tunes through Spotify Connect, so you can control playback from other devices like your smartphone.

Spotify removed its app from Roku products last December, citing a lack of satisfaction with that version of the software and promising to come back with something better. At the time, the company said “we expect the service to return as a much better overall experience in the future.”

The revamped Roku app looks very similar to Spotify’s other TV-optimized apps for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Samsung TVs, and more, providing full access to your playlists and library. As always, paid subscribers can stream their music at a higher quality and avoid ads interruptions.

Earlier today, Spotify announced that it will be giving a free Google Home Mini to family account subscribers. That’s particularly relevant to Roku owners since the company recently launched support for voice commands with Google Assistant. With Assistant, you can turn your Roku TV on or off or, on all supported devices, launch into most apps (with the exception of Netflix).

As for which Roku products can install the relaunched Spotify app, Roku tells it all Roku TVs are compatible, and Roku streamers model number 3600 and above are also supported.