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Apple contracts police to guard its Sacramento stores against ring of thieves

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Apple Store Opening In Milan Photo by Stefania M. D’Alessandro/Getty Images

After a string of robberies by a criminal ring led to over $1 million in stolen Apple devices, the company is now contracting police officers to stand guard outside of its Apple Stores in Sacramento and Roseville, according to CBS Sacramento. The thefts took place across 19 counties in California throughout September, and 17 suspects have been charged so far.

Apple is privately contracting Sacramento police officers, which means no taxpayer dollars are going toward their extra shifts. Police officers can offer tighter security and greater protection than mall security since they are able to pursue thieves outside of mall property.

Prior to the robberies, Apple already had police stationed outside its Marina and Union Square Apple Stores in San Francisco, which SF Police believes is the reason why these stores haven’t been targeted by the theft ring. The company may also expand police presence to its other California stores that were hit by the robberies, which have seen groups of thieves running into Apple Stores and grabbing as much as $20,000 in merchandise before fleeing.