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Daredevil heads for the dark side in an extended season 3 trailer

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If you don’t get your traumatic brain injury treated, you might ruin your own life

We’ve gotten a few mini-spotlight clips in the run-up to Daredevil’s long-awaited third season, but today Netflix delivered the full two-and-a-half-minute trailer, and boy, is li’l Mattie Murdock good at ruining his own life!

When we last left the Devil of Hell’s Kitchen in the Netflix team-up series The Defenders, the lawyer-vigilante was all but dead. But comic book stories being comic book stories, it’s not long before Matt’s back on the streets — albeit in an even darker place than we’re used to seeing him. “Darkness only responds to darkness,” he growls, before the trailer cuts to a room full of dispatched thugs. It’s looking like we’ll be seeing Murdock embrace the devil aspect of Daredevil this time around — maybe all those recurring head injuries are starting to have some negative side effects?

But Matt isn’t the only one back on the streets; Wilson Fisk, aka The Kingpin, aka the best part of this show is back, too. It looks like he’s planning on using Daredevil’s new dark side for a little revenge by painting the vigilante hero as a violent menace to the city who must be stopped (which, in fairness, he’s not totally wrong about). Of course, Fisk isn’t leaving things entirely up to chance, with the help of a Daredevil doppelgänger running around and dragging Matt’s already dubious name through the mud.

Look, Matt: you kind of had to see that there might be consequences to running around and beating the stuffing out of people in hallways every night. We’ll get to see those firsthand when Daredevil’s third season premieres on Netflix on October 19th.