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Hey, u up?

Hey, u up?


This week’s best from the web

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Welcome to Fav’d For Later, a Friday roundup of our favorite memes, trends, and all-around good internet content. This week IS A TEST. NO ACTION IS NEEDED.

On October 3rd, aka Mean Girls Day, the first FEMA Presidential Alert lit up phones across the US. Right on time! By that, I mean the memes. The memes were right on time.

The punchlines are pretty hit or miss, but what I love about this very predictable joke (if you text it, they will meme) is the unity, you know? We all got the text* so we all get the meme. How often does that happen? Usually, the teens do something funny to Kermit or SpongeBob, and we all sort of laugh and nod until we actually get it, at which point the wave is already long over, and we’re just reheating the leftovers.

I know explaining the joke kills the joke, but I’m just trying to keep it light here. One man having the power to text an entire nation sounds like the premise of a Black Mirror episode or the start of the next Purge movie.

*Apparently, some people did not get the text, so I guess for those sad souls, October 3rd was only Mean Girls Day. [Editor’s note: It was blissful, tbh.]

Here’s a good comic from my colleague Dami Lee to make you feel better.


What is dead may never die on the internet. Instead, it shall be reborn as content on a new platform. I never saw Let the Right One In, but whatever wisps of a plot that were floating around in my head disintegrated the second I laid eyes on this viral video. Baby vampires? No, that film I have never watched is surely about a muppet home invasion. I read the title. [Editor’s Note: The correct response is — trick question — let none of them in.]

The clip has only just gone viral, but it’s actually cut from an old video off YouTube channel Are U Super Cereal. They love muppet spoofs. (Be warned, though: the full video milkshake ducks pretty much immediately after this bit. The internet maketh good things, and the internet taketh them away.)

We also saw the return of Nyango Star, a Japanese mascot with serious skill. This drum-lovin’ babe has been on YouTube since 2015. The original video is from 2017, but Twitter is having a moment here. Nyango Star is NOT a Furby, FYI, but a combination of a cat and an apple. Furby makes more sense, doesn’t it? [Editor’s note: No, the cat-pple tracks. Have you seen this country’s mascot game? Next level.]

Shane Dawson dropped two more installments of his series “The Mind of Jake Paul” this week. At this point, we’re about halfway through it, and more episodes are on the way next week. I’m still waiting for a bombshell that hasn’t come. But so far, the series has been the height of YouTube drama.

I would like to formally apologize for talking about a Paul brother again on The Verge. Away I go with the speed and grace of this beautiful creature.

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