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New Google Home Hub smart display could arrive as early as October 22nd

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Image: MySmartPrice

Last month, newly filed FCC documents suggested that Google may release an “Interactive Video Streaming Device” called the Home Hub. Now, a photo tweeted by YouTuber Jon Prosser appears to confirm the product with additional details about its capabilities.

The photo gives some broad details about what the Home Hub can do. Its basic functions are similar to a Google Home speaker: you can voice-control compatible smart home components, like lights, security cameras, TVs, and speakers. It will also have Voice Match for recognizing different people’s voice commands to bring up their calendars, reminders, commute, and more on the home screen. Unlike a smart speaker, the Home Hub is supposed to deliver “visual, immersive answers” from Google when asked questions on things like the weather or local business info. It can also bring up relevant YouTube videos to watch on the Home Hub dashboard.

This continues to confirm details that have already been leaked about the Home Hub. And, if this photo proves to be correct, the Home Hub will be available on October 22nd (at least in England, as pounds are referenced instead of dollars), and it will likely be announced at Google’s upcoming event on October 9th.