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Apple’s latest Watch is crashing and rebooting due to Daylight Saving Time bug

Apple’s latest Watch is crashing and rebooting due to Daylight Saving Time bug


Australians are the first to be affected

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Photo by Vjeran Pavic / The Verge

Apple just can’t handle Daylight Saving Time (DST). 9to5Mac reports that Apple Watch Series 4 owners in Australia are experiencing crashes and reboots due to a DST bug. Apple’s latest watch reportedly gets stuck in a reboot loop due to a bug in the Infograph Activity complication. Australia just moved to DST and advanced its clocks by an hour yesterday, and this appears to be causing issues with Apple’s latest Series 4 Watch.

As the watch gets stuck in a reboot loop, affected users can either wait it out until tomorrow when the bug should correct itself, or attempt to remove the complication from the Apple Watch app on the iPhone. The activity complication maps hour-by-hour data on calories burned, exercise time, and how many hours you’ve stood for in a 24-hour period. The missing hour appears to be confusing the Apple Watch Series 4.

Apple has a few weeks left to fix this for Europe and the US

Europe moves off DST at the end of the month, and North America changes over on November 4th, so Apple has plenty of time to issue a fix for other regions. It’s entirely possible that the Apple Watch Series 4 might even handle the different DST (reversing an hour instead of advancing) in Europe and North America gracefully.

Either way, this is yet another DST bug for Apple. The company used to struggle with time-related bugs during the early days of iOS, causing alarms to fail across Europe, alarms simply not working on New Year’s Day, and the incorrect time being shown in the built-in calendar app. Even an iOS 9 update a few years ago managed to disable people’s alarms, and iOS 11.1.2 crashed iPhones when they hit 12:15AM on December 2nd last year. You’d expect all of these time bugs would put DST on the top of Apple’s engineer tests, but perhaps it’s Apple’s subtle way of telling the world that Daylight Saving Time is hot garbage.