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Verizon suggests Pixel 3 pricing will start at $799.99

Verizon suggests Pixel 3 pricing will start at $799.99


That would be $150 more than the Pixel 2 if it sticks

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Google just can’t catch a break with the Pixel 3. A Verizon promotional page suggests that the handset will start at a price of $799.99 for its 64GB model. If true, this would would make it $150 more expensive than the Pixel 2 was at launch.

The deal advertises that consumers can get a second 64GB Pixel 3 for free with the purchase of one of the phones, with the $800 upfront cost of the free device being refunded over the course of a 24 month contract. The deal doesn’t always display on the Verizon Wireless site (we had to refresh a few times and use incognito mode).

A closer look at the text of the Pixel 3 BoGo deal.
A closer look at the text of the Pixel 3 BoGo deal.
Screengrab: Verizon Wireless

A second promotional page uncovered from the My Verizon app (via Reddit) suggests that you’ll also get one of Google’s new wireless charging Pixel Stands for free when pre-ordering through the carrier’s app.

Image: Jiggaman508 / Reddit

There is some speculation, however, over whether the $800 price tag applies to the standard or XL version of the handset. The phone pictured in the advert appears to be a Pixel 3 XL based on its display notch (which would mean a $50 reduction in price), but the text describing the Buy One Get One deal clearly relates to the Pixel 3. And who knows, maybe it’s all just a placeholder before the deal goes live later today. Nevertheless, based on existing price leaks as well as the general trend towards more expensive handsets, we’re inclined to believe it’s describing the non-XL variant. Verizon’s BoGo deals typically apply to entry-level models.

The Pixel 3 is once again expected to be a Verizon exclusive in the US as it was for both the original Pixel and Pixel 2. Stay tuned for the phone’s official launch starting at 11AM ET later today.