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UK retailer temporarily sold the new Google Chromecast this morning

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Nothing is sacred

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Illustration by Alex Castro / The Verge

In the weeks leading up to today’s Made by Google event, leaks of the latest Chromecast model surfaced pretty much... everywhere. At Best Buy and Walmart, customers were able to pick them off the shelves and walk out before the device was even officially announced. Just hours before today’s event, an online retailer in the UK listed the device as up for purchase, allowing you to add it to your basket and check out. The item is listed at £29.99.

The listing has since been updated to say it is “unavailable,” but the link to the product page is still active if you want to spend the rest of your morning refreshing and waiting for the message to switch back to “in stock.” There’s nearly nothing left to leak at this point, so maybe you should just join us on The Verge’s live blog coverage of the Made by Google event to see if the company has any surprises left in store.