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Sonos updates its desktop app and adds maximum volume limiter

Sonos updates its desktop app and adds maximum volume limiter


The update also strips some features from the desktop version

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Illustration by Alex Castro / The Verge

Sonos has finally updated its desktop controller app to make the look and feel of it in line with its mobile software, the company announced in its app release notes published today. The desktop controller is now a lot easier to use and understand, and it looks quite similar to what you’ll find on Sonos’ iOS and Android apps.

As part of the update, which is version number 9.2, users are also getting the ability to set maximum volume limits for certain Sonos devices and the rooms in which those devices are located. That way, you can ensure that guests don’t accidentally exceed a threshold of noise or that you don’t inadvertently blast too-loud music in, say, your child’s bedroom. The update also adds support for the upcoming Sonos Amp that the company announced in late August.

Image: Sonos

As part of these changes to the desktop software, Sonos says the macOS and Windows versions of its software will be losing some features that are no longer all that necessary. Primarily, you’ll no longer be able to “to setup or transfer a Sonos system.” You’ll also lose the ability to “add a player, create or separate stereo pairs, register players, setup a TV, enable parental controls, manage network settings, adjust line-in settings, opt in or out of beta programs, or change Sonos account passwords.” All of that will have to be done on mobile.

Sonos version 9.2 will also end support for the Sonos Dock, which first came out eight years ago. Sonos says you’ll still be able to use it as a charger, but it will no longer connect to your broader Sonos system. The update will also partially drop support for iOS 9 and Android 4 Ice Cream Sandwich. Devices on either operating system will be able to “browse, search and play music using this version of the Sonos app,” but you won’t be able to add a new speaker or set up a new Sonos system.

Update 10/10, 12:20PM ET: Clarified that you can still switch rooms with the Sonos desktop app, but not “transfer a Sonos system.”