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Google’s Home app gets much better design and can now control smart devices remotely

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You can control a family member or friend’s smart home

Google announced the Home Hub today, a Google Assistant-powered Echo Show competitor that, among its various features, also acts as a visual dashboard for all your smart home devices. In designing the Home View dashboard, Google also went ahead and updated its Google Home app for Android and iOS.

The new Home App now does more than just recommend what movies to play through your Chromecast, or act as a vehicle to set up your Home Mini. The app has been revamped to make it easier to control multiple devices quickly, whether they’re in your own home or your parents’, so you can better play tech support from remote locations.

The app can now display all your devices in one view and organizes them by room. You can access Google Assistant from the app and manage devices like your Nest thermostat or Hue smart lights without having to go into their respective apps. The update is rolling out to Android this week, but appears to be available on iOS now.