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Peaceful farming sim Stardew Valley is coming to the iPhone

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Stardew Valley is coming to the small screen. Today, Eric Barone, the farming game’s developer, revealed a surprise mobile port that’s launching later this month.

Currently Stardew Valley only has a release date on iOS — Barone says that he expects to have details about an Android release “soon” — but it does come with a number of welcome features. Notably, the game will be $7.99 and include no additional in-app purchases, and those who played the game on PC will even be able to transfer their progress to mobile. “It’s the full game, not a cut-down version, and plays almost identically to all other versions,” Barone says. “The main difference is that it has been rebuilt for touchscreen gameplay on iOS.”

Stardew Valley first launched way back in 2016, and the Harvest Moon-inspired title offers a peaceful-yet-engrossing take on running a farm that should be a perfect fit for mobile. In fact, we already know the game works well as a portable experience thanks to last year’s Nintendo Switch port. The iPhone release is launching on October 24th.