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This cute stand makes Google’s Home Mini look like Mickey Mouse

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Photo by Dan Seifert / The Verge

Amid all the excitement of the news from the Pixel event today, Google has quietly put up the product page for a Mickey Mouse stand for the Google Home Mini. Made in partnership with Disney and OtterBox, the Mini mount is the first product from OtterBox’s Den Series of Google Home accessories. Hopefully this means that more are on the way, especially a Minnie Mouse stand, which would delight pun-aficionados everywhere.

Google’s partnered with Disney before for various interactive games playable on the Google Home. Mickey Mouse Adventure would be a good one for kids to play with this set, as they help Mickey navigate a city and guide him to his magic show by telling him where to go. The Den series Mickey Mouse stand is listed as “coming soon” on the newly redesigned Google Store, at a price of $19.95.