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Twitter is making it easier to toggle between latest and top tweets

Twitter is making it easier to toggle between latest and top tweets


See the latest tweets, not just the most popular ones

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Image: Twitter

Twitter has begun testing a feature that will give you a shortcut to quickly switch between the latest and “top” tweets. Announcing the beginning of the trial, the @Twitter account said that a small number of users would see the new button, which gives fast access to functionality buried deep within the app’s settings menu. The company first said it was working on the feature back in September.

If you’re included in the trial you’ll see a new icon on the top right of the iOS app. Tapping it will give you an option to “Switch to latest Tweets” or “Switch to top Tweets,” allowing you to see your timeline organised in chronological order or by Twitter’s algorithm.

The default timeline, launched in 2016, attempts to intelligently guess which tweets are most important to you. However, it draws frequent criticism because of the way it surfaces tweets that are sometimes hours old, on a medium often used for breaking news. Conversely, there’s an argument to be made that an entirely chronological timeline would be completely overwhelming considering the amount of accounts most people now follow. Twitter’s new toggle seeks to assuage both types of usage.