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Red Dead Redemption 2 player reveals the surprisingly complex lives of NPCs

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Following characters for a day

Open-world games need characters to feel lived-in, but these characters need to actually do things for these settings to feel real — even if it’s just for background flavor. Most games can get away with having non-playable characters that don’t do much beyond walk around or loop their animations, but Red Dead Redemption 2 is a game obsessed with details. Every character, no matter how small, appears to have a routine.

There aren’t many reasons to become acquainted with the day-to-day lives of unimportant NPCs, so these routines are easy to miss. But fortunately YouTuber DefendTheHouse went ahead and did it for you. In the video above, they pick a few different characters and follow them around for a whole day, ultimately finding that these NPCs lead surprisingly detailed lives.

My favorite has to be a man who stumbles his way out of a saloon every morning to go to work. He’s a lush, so after working a bit, he’ll take a drinking break and a lunch break, both of which consist wholly of alcohol. The fact that anyone trusts this man with nails and hammers is a wonder.