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Star Trek Discovery’s Michelle Yeoh might get her own spinoff show for CBS All Access

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The deal is in early stages, but could follow Georgiou’s time in Section 31

Image: CBS All Access

CBS All Access might be adding another Star Trek show to its lineup. Deadline reports that Michelle Yeoh is in talks to headline a standalone series for the streaming service, reprising her role of Emperor / Captain Philippa Georgiou.

Deadline says that the deal is still in the works, and that the series would likely jump off from Star Trek Discovery’s forthcoming second season. During the show’s first season, Georgiou was the captain of the USS Shenzhou before she was killed at the hands of the Klingons early on in the season. The crew of the USS Discovery later encountered her alternate counterpart when they traveled to the Mirror Universe, where she was the brutal Emperor of the Terran Empire. She would later return to the prime universe, where she ended up joining a secretive branch of Starfleet called Section 31. Deadline says that “it looks likely” that this spinoff series would focus on her time in that organization. The outlet notes that the show isn’t a sure thing — Yeoh already is pretty busy with a potential sequel to Crazy Rich Asians in the pipeline, as well as an overall deal with SK Global Entertainment, on top of her work on Star Trek Discovery.

Whether or not it actually happens, the news underscores CBS’s efforts to expand the Star Trek franchise on All Access. A second season of Star Trek Discovery is coming in January, while a series of mini-episodes have begun streaming on the platform. But the studio has also announced a pair of new shows — the first will see Patrick Stewart reprise his role as Captain Jean-Luc Picard in a new original series, while Rick & Morty head writer Mike McMahan will head up an adult, animated show called Star Trek: Lower Decks. All of those projects are part of a major, five-year deal with Discovery showrunner Alex Kurtzman, who will oversee the studio’s franchise television efforts, bringing Star Trek fans an entirely new slate of shows, as well as a ton of originals that are exclusive to CBS All Access.