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Kids can now stream approved audiobooks through Amazon’s FreeTime Unlimited

Audio books for all ages

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Amazon announced today that it’s making more than 1,000 kid-friendly audiobooks available through its FreeTime Unlimited program. Parents can also add additional audiobooks through Audible to their kids’ device through the Parent Dashboard. The update should start rolling out later today. Parents can also add any Audible title from their own library to their child’s.

FreeTime Unlimited allows parents to pay a set price per month to give their kids access to age-appropriate, Amazon-approved content, including apps, games, videos. It also gives parents access to their kids’ viewing habits and the ability to set time limits. Basically, it’s Amazon’s program for ensuring that kids never go somewhere online that their parents wouldn’t like.

Amazon has expanded FreeTime Unlimited beyond its Fire tablets, and it now allows kids to use it on iOS and Android. The service, which starts at $2.99 / month, is an easy win for Amazon. It offers parents a big, kid-friendly selection of content so they see the merit in paying for the subscription cost but also streaming from Amazon and its partners’ content repository. An annual family plan costs $83 for Prime customers.