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Google’s Gboard now guesses what GIFs and stickers you want to send

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Google is now using AI to suggest relevant GIFs, emoji, and stickers you can put in your conversation if you’re using Gboard. As you’re typing, a GIF icon might appear on the top left corner of Gboard. By tapping on it, you’ll be able to pull up Google’s suggestions for you.

It’s not as clever as it sounds, though. Google claims Gboard is using AI to scour thousands of emoji and stickers for the right ones, but it’s mainly going off of the keywords you use. So say you mention a birthday or a dance, Gboard would find the relevant stickers and GIFs to reflect that. Apple’s iOS Keyboard already does a similar thing: it will suggest an emoji when you type a word, and if you type “happy birthday,” mini fireworks will go off across your screen.

The feature has already arrived on Android and the Gboard iOS app. So far, it’s only available in the US in English, but Google says it plans to expand into more languages.