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Apple is now selling refurbished HomePods, but Black Friday deals are cheaper

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homepod volume buttons Photo by James Bareham / The Verge

Apple has added refurbished HomePods for the first time to its online store, where they’re selling for $50 less than the original price, via MacRumors. Both the white and space gray versions are selling for $299, but you’re better off looking elsewhere — Best Buy’s Black Friday deals show new HomePods selling for even cheaper, at $250.

The HomePod normally costs $349, which is pretty high for a wireless smart speaker that requires you to be locked into Apple products. If you’re undeterred by this and more in it for the superb audio quality, getting the discounted, refurbished product through Apple’s online store might be the smarter choice once Black Friday deals disappear.

Apple’s refurbished products go through a rigorous testing and certification process, and come with a one-year limited warranty. That’s always an option in case you miss out on Best Buy’s Black Friday deals, where you can buy a brand-new HomePod for $100 off.