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Withings’ Pulse HR is a fitness tracker with a 20-day battery life

Withings’ Pulse HR is a fitness tracker with a 20-day battery life

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After buying itself back from Nokia and releasing the Steel HR Sport under its own brand in September, Withings is releasing another updated wearable called the Pulse HR. A water-resistant fitness tracker that offers heart rate monitoring, the Pulse HR has connected GPS tracking and a 20-day battery life.

The tracker’s silicone wristband can be swapped with two other colors, and the OLED display can show real-time workout information like calories burned, daily activity goal progress, and smartphone notifications. It can also track sleep patterns, detect sleep duration, and wake up the user with vibration alarms at optimal times during the sleep cycle.

The Pulse HR is an updated version of the Pulse, Withings’ first activity tracker that launched in 2013. The original Pulse was actually not a band all, but a clip-on tracker the size of a matchbox that could be attached to a belt or pocket.

Though Withings has made some pretty stylish analog watch hybrids in the past, like the Activité Pop, the Pulse HR is aimed at people who prefer the look of traditional fitness trackers. It comes equipped with Withings’ own OS2, which is the same operating system included on the Steel and Steel HR.

Preorders begin today on Amazon and for $129.95, and the smartwatch will be available December 5th. The other wristband color options like silver and red will be available in January 2019. At $129.95, it’s actually the same price as a Fitbit Alta HR (which looks strikingly similar), but the Pulse HR comes with connected GPS functionality, which the Fitbit doesn’t have.