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Fortnite introduces new Food Fight mode for a limited time

Fortnite introduces new Food Fight mode for a limited time


Durrr Burger take on Pizza Pit

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Image: Epic Games

Epic Games has announced that Fortnite is getting a new mode, dubbed Food Fight, as part of its today’s v6.30 patch. The new Limited Time Mode is a food-themed base defense game between Durrr Burger and Pizza Pit, which sees both teams attempt to build defenses around their restaurants while attempting to destroy the mascot head located inside their opponent’s base.

Disappointingly, there doesn’t appear to actually be any food-slinging involved with this latest patch. Instead, the food acts as mascots for each team, whose members have either tomato heads or burger heads depending on their allegiance.

Along with the new mode, the patch also adds a couple of new weapons: a mounted turret and a new revolver, and makes various UI and functionality improvements to the game which is now in its sixth season of content. This season has already seen the addition of pets, a Halloween-themed update, a floating island, and NFL skins. Once close competitors, Fortnite’s popularity now dwarfs that of rival shooter PUBG, which will soon see a release on PS4 at the beginning of December.