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Instagram starts rolling out dashboard that shows how much time you spend on it

Instagram starts rolling out dashboard that shows how much time you spend on it

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Back in August, Facebook and Instagram announced they would introduce new activity dashboards that tracked how much time users spent inside the apps, but the features never materialized. Now, Instagram has finally started rolling out its own “Your Activity” feature, which includes tools for setting daily time limits and the option to temporarily mute push notifications. The feature can be found inside the hamburger icon on the upper right corner of your profile page, and from there it’s found under “Your Activity.”

Along with Apple introducing Screen Time on iOS and Google releasing a Digital Wellness dashboard with Android 9.0, tech companies are thinking about helping users better manage their time using apps.

the feature came three months after it was announced

Facebook and Instagram’s dashboards, which show the amount of time spent in each app over the past seven days and mute distracting push notifications, aim to give users more control over how they interact with social networks that may be harmful to your mental health and well-being if used excessively. (There are now mounds of evidence that Facebook and other social networks are indeed bad for you.)

Instagram’s parent company Facebook has still yet to start rolling out its activity dashboard, which is to be called “Your time on Facebook.” Both features were announced together over the summer, so hopefully Facebook’s isn’t too far away.