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This one’s for the dog cheese

This one’s for the dog cheese


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Welcome to Fav’d For Later, a Friday roundup of our favorite memes, trends, and all-around good internet content. This week, we ponder what-ifs and perfect cheese tosses.

Once in a while, the internet delivers. The memes aren’t just good and plenty, but timely. Clever. Disturbing in the best way. Sort of like with the Detective Pikachu trailer, which spun off its very own meme cycle. People, apparently, love creepy, realistic pokémon! I think y’all are crazy.

But I’m not here to argue about the merits of Jigglypuff, a balloon pokémon that is furry for some reason. Though Ryan Reynolds is voicing this cop, surely you’ve wondered what Pikachu might sound like with a different actor. Danny DeVito, perhaps?

And then there’s the voice no one asked for, Alex Jones.

I hate that this works so well. I still respect it.


The hot new trend is throwing cheese on your dog (or bearded dragon-lizard-thing). Think of it like that time everyone was scaring their cats with cucumbers, but it’s far less scarring for the pet, not to mention much more skill-based. Twitter user @BlargMyShnoople has posted several cheese-tossin’ videos before, but it wasn’t until this most recent post that the trend really took off. I think it’s the beer pong joke.

The whole thread is worth a deep dive, if only to see how well people can expertly toss a slice of cheese. Meanwhile, our friend Matt is taking his newfound fame in stride.

This video may be faked (you can find the original, silent video on this particular pet’s Instagram page), but it’s a welcome spin on an otherwise standard pet video. It’s terrible. I love it.

If you’re in the mood for a solid spoof on YouTube and creator culture, Dillon Francis and Jake Wagner’s web series, Like and Subscribe, premiered on Funny or Die this week. It’s a parody series that... almost doesn’t feel like parody at times.

But, of course, there is nothing as wholesome on the entire internet as Ted Danson attempting a dance that children across the country have mastered. Floss away, daddy. Floss away.

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