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Barnes & Noble unveils a charging dock and keyboard cover for the latest Nook

Barnes & Noble unveils a charging dock and keyboard cover for the latest Nook


A couple of accessories to make the Nook a bit more useful

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Image: Barnes and Noble

Bookseller Barnes & Noble unveiled its latest Nook tablet earlier this month, the Nook 10.1”, which retails for $129.99. The device went on sale last week, and according to Good eReader the company is offering a couple of useful accessories for the first time: a charging dock and a keyboard.

These are the first official accessories that Barnes & Noble has released for its Nook devices, although there have been third-party docks and chargers for years. This new charging dock retails for $34.95, and holds up the Nook for landscape viewing. This latest addition to the Nook line is more than just a reading device — it connects to the Google Play Store, so you can use it to watch movies, make video calls, or listen to audiobooks while it’s docked and charging. You will need to supply your own wall charger and cables.

Image: Barnes & Noble

Barnes & Noble is also selling a Smart Folio Cover and Keyboard, which connects to the device with magnets, and turns off the display when closed. It comes with an adjustable hinge, so you can work off of the device from any angle. It retails for $39.95.

Given that this tablet is essentially a Barnes & Noble-branded Android tablet, having a dock and keyboard should make it more useful for those devoted customers who would like their device to do a bit more than just read the latest bestseller.