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Welcome to Fav’d For Later, a Friday roundup of our favorite memes, trends, and all-around good internet content. This week, we mourn the passing of Halloween. I know it’s November! I don’t care.

On most days, I’d agree with you that the internet ruins most things, but Halloween turns me into a dead-eyed devotee. Dressing up and eating free candy as a kid was cool and all, but as an adult, I love logging on to Twitter and Instagram to see what memes my friends have turned into clever costumes.

Now, I’m not saying this Slack costume is The Best thing I saw on Twitter this week, but it might just be the scariest. There’s nothing I love more than an extremely online costume.

Well, unless it’s a wig fail. Geralt can relate.

And how could we forget the pet costumes? This cat must be utterly miserable.

It’s not exactly Halloween content, but YouTuber Jesse Wellens does do a mean Back to the Future costume. No amount of money would be worth attaching myself to the outside of a moving vehicle, even for a Hoverboard stunt.


Much like the lyrics to TLC’s classic hit “No Scrubs,” I can still recite every word of Don Hertzfeldt’s iconic short film Rejected. It took 18 years, but finally, there’s a high-definition version of this deranged piece of art. The spoons are still too big, and it still perfectly encapsulates the internet culture era of 2000.

Don’t make Rami Malek say hello to your friends.

Nerd City, master of the Jake Paul takedown, has a new video addressing the controversial creators’ rebuttal about his marketing tactics. In the finale of Shane Dawson’s eight-part series, Paul offers little to refute claims made by YouTubers like Nerd City; instead, he dismisses it simply as being “fucking stupid.”

Regardless of your feelings about Jake Paul, he’s still one of YouTube’s most influential creators — especially for kids — and his actions matter. Don’t shoot the messenger(s).

May your weekend be long and far from Monday troubles.

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