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Overwatch gets a McCree animated short and new character called Ashe

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At BlizzCon in Anaheim today, Blizzard revealed the latest of its Overwatch animated shorts called “Reunion.” It delves into the backstory of McCree, everyone’s favorite gunslinger, as he goes up against a gang of outlaws led by a new character named Ashe who also happens to be the next hero being added to the game. She’s a damage-dealing hero who has an excellent robotic helper named Bob as her ultimate ability, though there’s no word yet on when she’ll be added to the game. You can read more about here on Overwatch’s site.

Blizzard’s annual convention has become a significant source of Overwatch reveals over the years. The team-based shooter was first announced at BlizzCon back in 2014, and in 2016, the developer outlined plans for the Overwatch League, an ambitious, city-based professional e-sports circuit that debuted this year. Last year, Blizzard announced a new hero, Moira, along with a map inspired by the developer’s long history of games.

Though it came out two years ago, Overwatch continues to be a major focus for Blizzard. This year, we’ve seen the addition of two heroes — Brigitte and Wrecking Ball — along with a deluge of merchandise, including Nerf guns and Lego sets. Season 2 of the Overwatch League kicks off in February with the addition of eight more teams and other significant changes.