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Snapchat will display polling locations in its Snap Map on Election Day

In preparation for the US midterm elections on November 6th, Snapchat is now adding election-themed lenses and filters that will guide voters to their polling locations through its Snap Map on Election Day. According to Engadget, the filters will dress up your Bitmoji in a special costume on your Snap Map.

The feature is part of Snapchat’s continued effort to encourage young voters to go to the polls. In September, the app displayed a link to a voter registration page on the profile of every user over 18, resulting in over 400,000 users registering to vote in two weeks.

Image: Snapchat

Snap has partnered with Get to the Polls to help users find their voting locations, and it will send a snap to all users over 18 on Election Day to remind them to go vote. According to VentureBeat, Snapchat Discover will host live coverage of election night as well.

Similarly, companies like Uber and Lyft are helping customers get to their polling locations with discounted rides, and Amazon’s Alexa is now answering questions about the election. Ahead of November 6th, tech companies are proactively trying to encourage users to vote, which can only be a good thing.