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Alexa will notify you when your favorite artist releases a new album

Set up alerts for your favorite artists

Photo by Dan Seifert / The Verge

Music connoisseurs can now ask Alexa to track their favorite artists and set up a voice alert for when new songs or albums debut.

Amazon Music’s New Release Notifications will use Alexa to alert Amazon Music subscribers to new releases, according to a press release. A yellow ring will appear on Echo devices when a new song is released, and notifications will also be sent via Amazon Music iOS and Android apps. Users will have the option to listen to a new track or album immediately once the notification is sent out.

The new voice tool will also help Amazon Music subscribers discover new artists without needing to know the name of a particular musician or band. If a song comes on a playlist that you find yourself jamming out to, you can ask Alexa to follow that specific artist and set up alerts for when their next song or album comes out with voice commands like “Alexa, follow this artist on Amazon Music” and “Alexa, let me know when this artist has a new album.”

New Release Notifications was first announced in September during Amazon’s hardware event, and the tool is rolling out to US-based customers today.