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Here are all of the new Overwatch Lego sets

Here are all of the new Overwatch Lego sets


The world could always use more buildable heroes

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Blizzard and Lego showed off the first Overwatch Lego set last month in the form of a limited-edition Bastion figure, and now at BlizzCon the two companies are taking the wraps off the rest of the lineup.

There are a total of six sets coming from the two companies: a $14.99 Tracer vs. Widowmaker set, a $19.99 Hanzo vs. Genji set, a $29.99 Dorado Showdown set, a $39.99 D.Va & Reinhardt set, an even bigger $49.99 Bastion model (which fixes the first version by adding a conversion to turret mode), and an $89.99 Watchpoint: Gibraltar set. The first wave of sets will feature Lego versions of Tracer, Widowmaker, Hanzo, Genji, Soldier: 76, McCree, D.Va, Reinhardt, Pharah, Mercy, Reaper, and Winston to start, but if Lego’s other licensed lines are anything to go by, odds are more heroes will be available soon.


The sets aren’t coming until January 1st, so you’ll probably have to think of something else for a holiday gift, but preorders start today over at Lego’s website.