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Apple’s new holiday ad is a heartwarming, Pixar-inspired animated short

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It’s absolutely heartwarming

Apple’s holiday commercials are an annual tradition, designed to evoke the strongest of emotions in those who watch the lengthy ads play out.

This year’s commercial manages to accomplish that feat, but it looks a little different: it’s fully animated. The commercial feels more like a Disney Pixar short, or a Coca-Cola ad than it does a traditional Apple commercial. There isn’t too much product placement from the company save for a MacBook covered in personalized stickers that appears from time to time over the course of two-and-a-half minutes.

“Share Your Gifts” finds its heart not in Apple’s MacBook line, but in the spirit of giving a little piece of ourselves to our friends and families this holiday season. The irony of an extended commercial that preaches about being less materialistic this holiday season while also reminding us about Apple products we can buy for loved ones isn’t lost.

But it’s a cute commercial. It’s sweet, and it certainly evokes those warm, pre-holiday feelings. If a commercial is going to play hundreds of times on television, before YouTube videos, and maybe even in movie theaters, this one is pretty good.

Apple has also released a behind-the-scenes video showing how the commercial came together. It can be seen below.