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Someone apparently hacked Drake’s Fortnite account and used racial slurs on a charity live-stream

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‘That’s not Drake’

Yesterday, streamer Tyler “Ninja” Blevins took part in a charity livestream when he was joined by a user named Duddus647 — ostensibly rapper and Fortnite player Drake. The stream didn’t go well, reports Dexerto as the user began yelling racial slurs before Ninja ended the game.

Drake and Ninja have live-streamed Fortnite before — they set a live stream record back in March, and later played again in April. The superstar plays the game under the PS4 name TheBoyDuddus, but his Epic Games account username appears to be Duddus647. Ninja appeared to be caught by surprise when Duddus647 logged on: “I’m not sure if Drake meant to invite me,” he said as he appeared to text the singer, before starting the game.

Midway through the match, however, the user began repeating the n-word over and over before Ninja logged off. “That’s not Drake.” He then told his audience that he was going to alert the singer and Epic Games that Drake’s account was apparently hacked.

Ninja isn’t a stranger to slurs on his channel — he’s uttered them himself, and later apologized.