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The Verge Store’s second anniversary update

The Verge Store’s second anniversary update

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Photo by Amelia Holowaty Krales / The Verge

It’s been two years since we opened The Verge’s merch store. Since then, we’ve added a lot of new things, including mugs, mouse pads, tank tops, and shirts based on inside jokes that continue to be surprisingly relevant.

Going into year three of the store, we’re planning to add more designs based on the great illustrations that appear on our site from our fantastic art team. This all starts with five new shirts from illustrator Alex Castro and design director William Joel.

You’ve likely seen a lot of their work in some of our longer reports and features. All of the designs come from these articles:

Resist” from “It’s time to break up Facebook

Broken Wi-Fi” from “The internet is fucked (again)

Face Detector” from “Browser plug-ins that spot fake news show the difficulty of tackling the ‘information apocalypse’

Monopoly” from “How big is too big? The past and future of tech monopolies

The Internet is Dead” from “We have abandoned every principle of the free and open internet

If there are any illustrations on the site that you’d like to see made into something for the store, drop a link to the original piece in the comments below.

Perhaps most importantly, you’ll be able to get these great shirts starting today! And until 3:01AM ET / 12:01AM PT on Saturday, December 1st you can use code: 2YEARS to get 30 percent off your order.