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Fortnite runs at 60 fps on Apple’s newest iPhones

Including the iPhone XS and iPhone XR


Fortnite players who are equipped with Apple’s latest iPhones now have one distinct advantage over Nintendo Switch and Android players: Fortnite on the iPhone XS, XS Max, and XR now includes the option to run at 60 fps.

This means the game will run smoother and with a crisper image. That’s a higher frame rate than Nintendo Switch and Android players will get on their devices, which run Fortnite at just 30 fps.

A screenshot from Fortnite on an iPhone XS with the latest patch installed that shows a new option to play at the higher frame rate.

Although the frame rate is much higher on the iPhone XS, it is a more expensive device than a Switch. The Nintendo Switch currently retails for $300, while an iPhone XS starts at $1,000 for the baseline model. Most people aren’t going to pick up an iPhone XS strictly for gaming purposes — and certainly not for Fortnite alone — but those who have the latest iPhone model will get a slight advantage over Switch users. Apple’s A12 processor chip is extremely powerful, making 60 fps possible, even though it lacks a fan like the Switch.

Fortnite also runs at 60 fps on more powerful consoles, including the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One X. Android mobile devices currently cap the game at 30 fps, though an Epic Games representative says the company is “continuing to work on Android optimizations that could allow us to support a 60hz mode some time in the future.”

Update November 27th, 11:43 AM ET: This article has been updated to include a statement from Epic Games.