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Google plans to sync Bluetooth headphone pairing across your devices

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Remember what you’ve paired to, and pair it quickly

Google is taking an extra step toward making Bluetooth headsets and speakers easier to pair on Android. Now your Google account can remember Fast Pair-compatible headphones you’ve used and automatically transfer the connection to another phone.

Fast Pair isn’t a new Android feature: it originally launched in October of last year. However, adoption has been slow, even with JayBirds producing a few Fast Pair headsets. Today’s Google announcement also pledges more support from the likes of Anker and even Bose. Taking it a step further, Google is also bringing Fast Pair to Chromebooks next year with the same features.

Like before, turning on compatible Fast Pair headphones or speakers will automatically generate a pop-up on your Android 6.0+ phone, hastening the pairing process. With this update, your Google account will remember the headphones you’ve paired to, then carry the information to other smartphones you’re signed into. Apple’s AirPods follow a nearly identical pairing procedure, including syncing with an Apple ID to transfer across devices.

It’s added convenience for what should be a standard feature in high-end Bluetooth headphones, especially with the number of phones with headphone jacks decreasing and USB-C earbuds slowly taking their place.