Your First Love: Phone Edition


Consider this just a light hearted post.

With the overwhelming wealth of mobile tech available, we often forget how good things are. We argue over the minor metrics of how one phone is better than another in very specific areas. The measuring sticks are shrinking every few months, further blurring the lines of what makes a phone perfect.

Simply put: it's harder than ever to find a flat out terrible device.

But that hasn't always been the case. There were dark times....

Times where one phone might have a tiny screen. Another might be ginormous. One with a great camera, others, horrible optics. Cheap materials for the build, and others billed as premium, but prone to shatter if dropped.

During this time, the early days of smartphones, what was that one device, that while maybe compromised, utterly delighted you?

That one phone that you said: I gotta have it!!!

Let's hear your thoughts below. Tell us that device and what it was that delighted you about it.