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You can now purchase Ikea’s $10 smart plug

You can now purchase Ikea’s $10 smart plug


But there’s no HomeKit support yet

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Back in August, it was revealed that Ikea was planning to release a $10 power outlet in October as part of the Trådfri smart home product line. It looks like the launch ran into some obstacles, as the plugs are now available to purchase in the US and UK a month late and without the Apple HomeKit support they were supposed to launch with, as reported by 9to5Mac.

$10 is pretty affordable for a smart plug that can let you turn on and off household appliances like lamps and coffee makers from your phone or via a magnetic remote control that’s included in the $15 control outlet kit. If you’re not already set up in the Trådfri ecosystem, you’ll have to purchase the $30 Gateway, which lets you control the smart plug via the Trådfri app. The Gateway is also what lets you connect your other Trådfri smart devices like dimmers, lights, and motion sensors to Google Assistant, Alexa, and Apple HomeKit.

According to a Reddit post made by a member of the Trådfri team, there’s no timeline yet for when HomeKit integration will happen, but when it does, it’ll be available through a Gateway update.