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E Ink’s latest screen is designed to let you write with near-zero latency

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E-writing, not just e-reading

Image: E Ink

E Ink, the company that produces the Kindle’s low-power display, has announced the JustWrite — a new display that can be written on with almost no latency. It achieves this by having the new display be driven by its stylus itself rather than the TFT backplates that have been used for previous displays. The change potentially means that only the stylus itself needs to be powered, although the screen itself may still require a small amount of power to refresh itself to erase any writing or drawings.

Although small E Ink notepads like the reMarkable tablet are the first things that come to mind when thinking about the potential uses for the JustWrite screen, screens that are up to 3-feet wide are also possible, theoretically allowing the screen to replace a traditional whiteboard.

E Ink’s new screen can be written on with near-zero latency.
Image: E Ink

This isn’t the only new technology that E Ink has been experimenting with. Back in August the company announced that it had started shipping colored E Ink screens meant for digital signage, which are capable of displaying 32,000 different colors. These screens are still a long way away from hitting consumer e-readers, but with a 13-inch model expected to arrive in the second quarter of 2019 a 6-inch color Kindle version can’t be far behind.