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Fortnite star Ninja’s first EDM album includes an amazing new Tycho track

Fortnite star Ninja’s first EDM album includes an amazing new Tycho track


Plus new tracks from Alesso and 3LAU

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Fortnite streamer Tyler “Ninja” Blevins is branching out into other business ventures, partnering with some of the world’s biggest EDM artists for a standalone album called Ninjawerks, which is based on Epic’s popular game.

Although the album was first announced a month ago at TwitchCon, Blevins premiered the first three tracks last night during a stream. Alesso, a popular European DJ, is contributing a song called “Tilted Towers,” which is based on the popular zone within the Battle Royale map. American DJ 3LAU collaborated with Blevins for his track “Game Time,” while Tycho, an artist known for his synth and downtempo work, contributed his own track, “Jetty.”

All three tracks are available at the bottom of the page.

Blevins’ collaborations on the album were made through Astralwerks, an EDM-specific label that exists under Universal Music Group. The partnership doesn’t begin and end with an album, either: Blevins and Astralwerks are set to release a series of additional merchandise for Fortnite fans who are looking to snag some new accessories. A poster and digital animations are currently the only merchandise listed, but Blevins has hinted that more merch could be on the way.

“I’m stoked about this project, first because I truly love the music, but also because I think this is another big step towards bridging the gap between music artists and gamers,” Blevins told “Our worlds keep getting more and more connected, and this feels like the next step — hopefully, this can become the soundtrack to gaming.”

Ninjawerks will be available to purchase and stream on December 2nd.