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Fortnite will start selling NFL skins this week

Fortnite will start selling NFL skins this week


Suit up, officially

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It’s not unusual to see a Fortnite dance celebration after a goal in any sport, so it was only a matter of time before the battle royale game officially brought that connection in-game. Today, Epic Games announced a partnership with the National Football League that will bring a variety of jersey cosmetics that players can wear.

According to Epic, these outfits can look like any of the 32 NFL teams on the roster, though players will be able to choose their own number. There will also be a made-up Fortnite team jersey. All jerseys will be available on November 9th in the in-game shop, though the price is unknown. Based on the video accompanying the announcement, it seems that this tie-in will also have some new emotes for purchase, too.

Earlier this year, Fortnite released soccer-themed jerseys to celebrate the World Cup, though it was not in partnership with FIFA. For that event, players were able to play soccer in special in-game fields, so it’s possible that this NFL promotion will also have some in-game mechanic to celebrate the occasion.