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Verizon discounts prepaid unlimited plan to $65 when you set up autopay

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Verizon is updating the pricing for its prepaid plans, and its unlimited plan is now cheaper than ever at $70 per month — or $65 with a $5 discount for setting up autopay.

That’s a nice discount, considering the old prepaid unlimited plan cost $75 per month. There is also a new 8GB plan for $45 and a 3GB plan for $35, which are only slight improvements over the old 7GB for $50 and 3GB for $40 options (via Android Authority), once you factor in the $5 autopay discount Verizon is applying to the new numbers, but the extra 1GB that’s added to the mid-tier plan is nice.

Since this is Verizon — of the three “unlimited” plans — it’s important to note what that prepaid unlimited plan includes: you get unlimited talk and texting in the US, Mexico, and Canada, along with unlimited texting to over 200 countries. Video streaming is limited at 480p resolution, and unlike the limited data plans, there’s no mobile hot spot option. Like Verizon’s cheapest post-paid unlimited plan, the prepaid plan is subject to de-prioritization of data by default if the network is congested, without the benefit of a data cap that customers can use up first.

Those limits were around the last time Verizon updated its prepaid plan, so if you’re already using it, at least you’re paying less for the privilege now.