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How to follow the US midterm elections online

How to follow the US midterm elections online

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Illustration by Alex Castro / The Verge

One of the most consequential US elections in recent history is taking place tonight, culminating with either a Republican sweep of the Senate and House of Representatives or a chance for the Democratic Party to retake Congress after nearly two years under President Donald Trump’s administration. Naturally, a great deal of how we participate in and monitor modern elections — like monitoring polls and forecasts, and checking live election results — happens now online, while much of the immediate

A variety of journalistic organizations, TV news channels, and bipartisan groups provide real-time news and analysis from the ground as polls close and results start coming in. So while you may not have cable and a TV tuned to a news channel, or even an antenna for watching the results via local stations, you can still stay on top of what happens tonight using a variety of news websites, social media tools, and interactive graphics. Here’s where to start.

Network results coverage

ABC News: | Facebook Watch | YouTube

CBS News: | YouTube



Fox News (cable authentication required):

NBC News: | | YouTube

PBS: Periscope | YouTube

The New York Times

The New York Times has some of the most comprehensive election coverage in the country, and it’s a great place to stay informed on Election Night. Not only does the organization have numerous reporters scattered across the country and positioned in key battleground states to monitor crucial races, but it also has one of the most talented graphics teams in industry for doing data visualization and other forms of visual storytelling. Here’s a breakdown of the best tools the NYT is provided to follow along with the midterms tonight:


Like The New York Times, FiveThirtyEight has become a cornerstone of online election monitoring since journalist and editor-in-chief Nate Silver began providing polling analysis and other critical election data a decade ago. Though it’s changed owners multiple times, from the NYT to ESPN to now ABC News, it remains one of the most data-driven and visual places to monitor election results. Here’s the tools FiveThirtyEight is offering tonight:

  • House forecasts, Senate forecasts, and Governor forecasts: These forecasts use FiveThirtyEight’s Deluxe model projection system to determine the likelihood of certain election results, with individual graphics for how these projections have changed over time and how they break down by district and each state seat
  • Midterms live blog and analysis: a running set of updates from FiveThirtyEight reporters analyzing results, polling data, and other information as the night goes on, as well as real-time interactive graphics based on data from its projection models


The Verge’s sister site has a live midterms results hub monitoring the House and the Senate, but also dedicated sections for elections that could make history and ballot initiatives that may prove especially impactful and influential. Vox also has a thorough guide to women running for office all across the country.