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This Taiwanese grandpa shows the best way to play Pokémon Go is with 11 phones

This Taiwanese grandpa shows the best way to play Pokémon Go is with 11 phones

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Image: Twitter

A 70-year-old man in Taiwan has gone viral for playing Pokémon Go with 11 phones attached to his bicycle. Chen San-yuan has made headlines internationally for the strange setup. Chen also keeps external batteries and charging cables on him so he can enjoy up to 20 hours of battery life per phone.

Since first getting caught on social media and going viral in August, Chen has upgraded to a waist mount, so he can travel with his 11 phones on foot. His neighbor also commented on how Chen’s unique approach to catching pokémon has turned their street into a tourist attraction.

Image: Taiwan CH51 via YouTube

In an interview with a local outlet, Chen explained in his native Hokkien dialect that after his retirement, he took on the hobby after learning about the game from his grandson. He spends $1,290 a month to add phones to his collection and add lures to pokéstops, among other in-app upgrades. Of all the pokémon, his favorite is Snorlax, the big, cuddly giant most famous for blocking the road while he naps.

But one aspect of Pokémon Go that Chen rarely partakes in is gym battles, as he feels it wouldn’t be fair to other players. He’s a gentle soul who would prefer to walk around catching and upgrading rare pokémon. We’re sure, however, that should he change his mind, the Elite Four would welcome him into their ranks.