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Pinterest gets a redesigned feed that looks a lot like Instagram

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One at a time


First launched back in March, Pinterest’s friend feed provided a dedicated section of the service where you could follow posts from other users. Now, this feed is getting a redesign, removing the tiled images in favor of a simpler single column of posts, Instagram-style. There are even horizontal rows of Pinterest-recommended accounts that you can follow.

Aside from the change in layout, the chronological feed still works more or less the same way as it did before. You can tap on a red “Save” button below an image to save it to a board, or tap on the image directly to be linked out to a piece of content.

The redesign means the posts will mostly be displayed one by one.
Image: Pinterest

It would be easy to look at this and see it as evidence that Pinterest is losing its distinctly Pinterest-y style, but giving each individual post more real estate seems like a sensible move, especially when you’re browsing an image-based service on a smartphone screen. The redesign is set to launch across mobile apps worldwide tomorrow.