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Walt Mossberg reacts to the new MacBook Air on The Vergecast

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The Verge’s reviews are in

Walt Mossberg at Apple’s iPad Pro and Macbook Air event
photo by Dan Seifert

Another review week! Hosts of The Vergecast Nilay Patel and Dieter Bohn reviewed Apple’s new iPad Pro and MacBook Air, and discuss their take on this week’s show. In addition, we call up our friend and former Verge executive editor Walt Mossberg — who has been a big proponent of the last iteration of the MacBook — to give us his first impressions of the new laptop.

There’s a whole lot more talk in between all of that — like Paul’s segment he does every week “#donglewut?” and Liz Lopatto’s “This Week in Elon” — so listen to it all to get it all.

02:36 - iPad Pro 2018 review

33:30 - MacBook Air 2018 review

38:45 - Walt Mossberg joins the show!

1:00:05 - This week in Elon Musk with Liz Lopatto

1:05:15 - Paul’s weekly segment “#donglewut?

1:09:25 - This is Samsung’s foldable smartphone

1:14:29 - Sen. Mark Warner on breaking up Facebook and Congress’ plan to regulate tech

1:15:51 - Over 20,000 Google employees participated in yesterday’s mass walkout

If you want more Vergecast, you’re in luck. Every Tuesday, Nilay interviews a different tech figure in the world. This week he sat down with CEO of Anker, Steven Yang, to discuss new products and the state and future of USB-C. You can check that out right in The Vergecast feed.