Weird Flex, but OK.


So we're at the edge huh?

Galaxy Edge

Samsung folding phone concept

When it comes to a shift in a technology, it can be hard to know from the outset what will stick and what's a fad that will flame out. So right now we're at a point where we're seeing the beginning the of foldable displays. I'm not going to lie to you chief....from what I've seen this far....this ain't it. Now I want to be clear, I don't think the concept is stupid. I don't. I've been obsessed with the idea of something useful that bridges the gap between something I could carry with me and do computer work on since the original Microsoft courier concept.

Microsoft Courier

Another computer design too early?

Ok so obviously the tech is advancing. The displays are better, the processors are more powerful, and more energy efficient. Hardware design is far enough to make this viable. Obviously if Microsoft tried to build the Courier ten years ago it wouldn't have been what we wanted or imagined. We just weren't there yet.

So are we here now? Yeah...

Royale Flex Pai

This ain't it...

....kinda lol

The hardware I think we are. Software....not so much. See this is where the Samsung and (what's the name of the other company that showed off their thick weird folding thing), that company....need to reaccess. Honest question.....say Samsung introduces the S10. Fingerprint scanner under the screen. Thin or no bezels (yay!). Ok then they introduce the bendy thing. What do you call a device that has a screen that runs Android and the the screen unfolds into a larger screen. What do you call that?

An... Android tablet?

Samsung Galaxy Tab

So a foldable Android tablet?

See this is the problem that I have. It's still going to run Android. And there's nothing in the advancement of Android on large screen that I find appealing. I don't know about the rest of you. Now I'm more than happy to be wrong. Part of the reason Microsoft is taking it's time with Surface 'Andromeda', is not that they probably can't get the hardware right.....but the software is going to have to be next level. And the really trick part. I mean I think it'll run or at least be compatible with Windows but Microsoft had to go through 4 generations of surface hardware to start getting something even attractive to consumers.

Andromeda Concept

I hope the hardware will look this good

I do think Samsung and Microsoft will nail the hardware. As far as it can be nailed currently. But what I think Samsung is trying to do is make a a foldable phone. However I think Microsoft is trying to make a whole new category.

Microsoft Concept Andromeda

If the software is decent....I want this thing.

For whatever comes next. I don't know what that is but....I'm excited to see it (done well of course).

So what do you all think? You think the bendy displays are the next big thing? More like an optional form factor? Do you think Samsung going to have the next big thing or going at it a little too early? Same for Microsoft? Should they continue fine tuning what they are making? Or are they risking being late to market (again)?

Let me know what you think in the comments.