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Not a cellphone in sight

Not a cellphone in sight


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Welcome to Fav’d For Later, a Friday roundup of our favorite memes, trends, and all-around good internet content. This week, I have been liberated by a meme.

Can I just say something real quick? People who yell at you to get off your phone and live in the moment are annoying. They’re annoying! God, that feels good.

As someone who spends 85 percent of my life online professionally, I get it. Comparing our lives to others on Instagram makes us sad. Facebook is where all your old high school acquaintances show off how racist they are. Twitter is a hellmouth parading as a social media site. We spend all this time swiping and tapping and liking and tweeting, and our phones keep us connected wherever we are.

But what makes this worse is the sect of try-hards who live to wag their fingers at your cellphone use. “Live in the moment,” they harp like a pseudo-enlightened tech Buddha, as though you can’t be present and also get a picture of that Very Good Dog on the corner.

If you feel as frustrated as I do right now, I have a panacea for you in the form of a meme. (What else?) “Not a cellphone in sight” is the sort of cheeky dismissal I live for. It’s self-explanatory sarcasm that soothes the soul.

Wow. If only we could go back to simpler times when we were all free of our tech addictions. It truly was a simpler time.

I feel better.


It’s impossible to explain why Japanese reality TV show Terrace House is so good without sounding utterly boring. That’s just a fact. Still, I would watch an entire series based on this gag.

And now, the opposite of Apple’s glass door problem. Bless their idiot baby bird hearts.

VidCon co-founder and longtime vlogger Hank Green is spinning off popular YouTube series SciShow into a new podcast called SciFi Tangents. He’s joined by Ceri Riley, Sam Schultz, and Stefan Chin as they try to one-up each other with science. For now, we just have teasers, but the podcast premieres on November 13th.

Glad we took this journey together today. I love to lead you all through the web like this Golden Retriever.

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