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New trailers: Artemis Fowl, If Beale Street Could Talk, and more

New trailers: Artemis Fowl, If Beale Street Could Talk, and more

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I really wasn’t sure what to expect from A Star is Born. It’s been getting so much buzz, and yet its trailer made made the movie look so melodramatic, saccharine, twee, overwrought, and manically romantic. And it is all those things. But it’s also just so impossibly earnest. It loves its characters, its music, its emotions, and it wants you to love them too.

And somehow it works. The film looks like a glossy, big-budget production, but it so often has the interests and sensibilities of a film with 1/10th the budget. There’s a lot to unpack in the movie, but the thing I’m most fascinated by his how committed it is to bringing a low-budget, indie vibe to a big and very-shiny screen.

It’s a balance that lets the characters become larger than life, mythical figures at times, but then retreat into being confused and vulnerable human beings at others. The film is sprawling, long, and sometimes messy, but it still feels small enough and so tied to its characters that it all holds together.

Check out 11 trailers from this week below.

Artemis Fowl

Weirdly enough, I happened to pick up an old copy of an Artemis Fowl book last weekend and notice a Miramax Books logo across the spine, which I suppose means this series was supposed to be turned into a move almost two decades ago. Now it’s finally happening via Disney, which put out a first trailer this week. I would have to describe this trailer as “fairly bad,” weirdly focusing more on world building for a series with minimal cultural cachet instead of... I don’t know, introducing a character or the tone or at all what it’s about. So we’ll see how this goes. The film comes out August 9th.

If Beale Street Could Talk

I think it’s pretty clear at this point that Barry Jenkins’ next film is going to be another beautiful, melancholy portrait of people just struggling to live their lives. This trailer actually shows less than some of the earlier ones, but it’s a good reminder of why this’ll be worth seeing when it comes out next month. It hits theaters in limited release starting December 14th.

I Am the Night

Here’s a new trailer for Patty Jenkins’ upcoming TV series I Am the Night, which seems to recognize that Patty Jenkins’ involvement is worth loudly advertising. The show looks thoroughly stylized and eerie; the warm colors, the weird locations and outfits. I’m into it. The show starts January 28th.

Vox Lux

I think I’m even more excited to see how Vox Lux turns out after watching A Star is Born, since this seems like an even darker, more twisted version of what its two artist go through. This trailer suggests the film won’t shy away from big, fun, musical numbers either — which is hard to argue with when they’re written by Sia. The film comes out December 7th.

Neo Yokio: Pink Christmas

And here it is, the trailer for my most-anticipated release of the season: a new installment of New Yokio, the impossibly sarcastic and ludicrously ritzy anime from Ezra Koenig. I can’t wait. It comes out December 7th.

Star Wars Galaxy of Adventures

Disney is pulling out pieces of the original Star Wars films and putting them back together into a series of animated shorts. The animation looks fun, though Disney is kind of weirdly explicit about how this is meant to hook young kids on Star Wars before they’d really be old enough to enjoy the movies. The shorts were supposed to begin appearing Friday on the new Star Wars Kids channel on YouTube.

State Like Sleep

Katherine Waterston stars in this noir that has her go from a grieving widow to a tepid investigator of her late husband’s death. Early reviews have been mixed, but it looks like a thriller that hits all the right beats. The film comes out January 1st.

Happy as Lazarro

I haven’t the slightest idea what’s going on in this trailer, but it all looks just incredibly pleasant. This film won the award for best screenplay at this year’s Cannes, and Netflix’s description teases that the main character can “seemingly travel through time.” It came out on Friday. 

Happy Death Day 2U

I missed the first one of these when it came out, but apparently people liked it enough that a sequel is arriving just over a year later. The film puts a comedic, Groundhog Day twist onto a classic slasher flick, leading to something that looks a whole lot more fun to watch than the average horror movie. It comes out on Valentine’s Day.

Springsteen on Broadway

Bruce Springsteen is about to close out the run of his very successful Broadway show — a collection of songs, stories, and musings in a mostly one-man-show format. But the second it closes, it’ll head to Netflix for the rest of the world to see. You can catch it starting December 16th.

Rilakkuma and Kaoru

I’m already sold on this being Netflix’s best original.