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Giphy launched a keyboard extension and sticker maker for iOS 12 users

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Image: Giphy

Giphy updated its iOS app to include a new sticker-making tool and a keyboard extension you can incorporate into texts. Starting today, Giphy users can add the keyboard extension to their iOS devices to more quickly share GIFs.

After updating or downloading the latest version of the Giphy app, you should be able to see a globe icon on the bottom left-hand corner on your iPhone or iPad. This lets you change the keyboard language to Giphy, where the search functionality is similar to the web version. This update only supports iOS 12 or later.

Image: Giphy

Users with iPhone X or newer devices will be able to record their own animated Giphy stickers to send to others through Apple’s TrueDepth camera technology. You can also save GIFs and stickers as favorites, and edit your media through adding captions, trimming, and looping your video.

The new update is partly fueled by Giphy’s recent acquisition of Tapslash back in January, which made a similar keyboard extension that people could use to express themselves. Tapslash’s website now redirects to Giphy and its blog is now defunct.