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The misguided resistance to Project Dragonfly

I've been working with socially progressive NGOs in China for the last 16 years. China is my home - I love it and I love the people. I'd just like to say that I find those going ballistic about Project Dragonfly very misguided. The type of NGOs that are complaining about this are hollering from a distance, they're not present and active in China. Those of us here - working hard day to day on shoestring budgets to make the world a better place - would welcome Google services. We all play by the rules in China, and we're deeply engaged in sophisticated and difficult conversations at many levels to change things for the better. But you must be present to engage in the conversation, and it's a loss that Google is absent. I'm not really sure what will be achieved by all the bellyaching and fussing to keep Google out of China. It's just a win for the China haters that have absolutely no influence here. Google returning to China would be a win for Google, for China and for humanity.